Let’s talk about stress

With classes starting right around the corner, there’s a little something that I’m expecting to get a lot of. A little something called Stress.

I’ve never handled stress well. I let it get to me and take over for that day or week, whatever it might be. Usually it reduces as the stressors (usually due dates for major projects or test dates) pass by. But while it is around, it’s like my personal dark cloud over my head. I get crabby and snappy, but mostly just down and blah, trying to get through things without thinking, like it’s all going to fix itself.

This is an interesting post if you want something else to read.

But I want to do it different this semester. So I’ve come up with a list of things to try.

  • Make time for myself each week. At least an hour to journal, watch an episode or two of Criminal Minds, nibble on some Dove chocolate, or whatever I feel like to take my mind off things and be by myself.
  • Make a schedule for big projects/papers/exams and keep personal due dates for steps along the way, instead of cramming it all in during the week before it’s due.
  • Visit professors during office hours. If I don’t have any questions, try to come up with some.
  • Keep my room clean, if only to use my desk more for homework instead of piling stuff on.

Do you have any suggestions for handling stress? Throw em at me ’cause I’m going to need them. (:

Have a good week peeps.



6 comments on “Let’s talk about stress

  1. Liz says:

    the top thing on your list is the most important! you know i believe that. :) it is not east to carve out time for yourself, but the more you do it in life, the easier it becomes. it takes a while to make it a habit, but don’t give up. fight for yourself! peace.

  2. I’m pretty bad at dealing with stress myself. The only things I can recommend are : 1. Breathe. Lots. 2. Do the thing you least want to do first (for all I know, it might be the first thing on your list as well?). 3. When it gets too much, Stop. Go to your happy place and press Reset :)

  3. Nicole says:

    I hear you there girl!!! THIS POST. I think I’m going to steal your plan xD

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