A couple of links for you

  • Go Wild. Quietly. – A wonderful blogger who I just added to my blog roll list. A fresh perspective on various things and oftentimes she has random comments in there that keep you reading until the last line, because it’s so sporadic. That’s how I see it, and I enjoy it. Not to mention she makes some seemingly unforeseen connections between things, stuff that I wouldn’t have though of anyway :P (Muppets, anyone?!)
  • Burnt out? – A site I found through Alarna’s post today. Not only do I love this post, the entire website is intriguing, particularly since I enjoy writing. I’d suggest checking it out if you are even vaguely interested in writing.

That is all.



4 comments on “A couple of links for you

  1. OMG! That’s the sweetest thing anyone could ever say…You’ve absolutely made my week, thank you! (*blushing now*) :)

    • Gotta give credit where credit is due. (: Just speaking the truth. I love getting the emails saying you’ve posted, I look forward to reading them. So you’re welcome.

      (*sorry for putting you on the spot there, Orchid child* ;))

  2. Nicole says:

    ^^ I love Alarna’s blog!! Her connections ARE brilliant and always keep me thinking!
    Thanks for ‘Burn Out?’ too :)

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