Day 31: toothbrush

I was a tad disappointed with today’s theme, wanting something a big more exciting. But I think I might have managed to turn it into a promo photo for some toothpaste, or perhaps for this particular brand of toothbrush.

Since today was the last day of July, here ya go!


A new month not only brings a new photo-a-day challenge, but also a new school year. As much as I don’t want to think about it, classes will be starting soon. Photo-a-day July was a lot of fun but it also made me a bit lazy with my blog posts. Okay maybe a lot lazy. Next month I need to begin wracking my brain again to come up with more creative and exciting posts, for both me and you guys, my readers. School will be getting my brain painfully in some semblance of shape again, so it’s time to start building it up.

Wish me luck.



5 comments on “Day 31: toothbrush

  1. Nicole says:

    oh school and toothbrushes. sounds like a work-day.
    good luck with August!! that looks like a fun set, perhaps I’ll try it… eep!

  2. Khristine says:

    I’ve started the list for August in Instagram.
    And I totally agree that it’s a lot easier to do it there!
    We should follow each other in Instagram if you have one ;)

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