Day 27: on the road

Shame on you, PhotoADayJuly, for letting me take a picture while driving. ;)

I took the advice of a wise woman today, and embraced my alone time. I tried to maximize it as much as I could.


It’s going to take some practice and lots of time to learn how to be alone again. Learn how to maximize every moment I have to myself instead of wasting it away on the Internet and other mindless activities. Today I laid out a quilt, my journal, and a book, and relaxed. Thoughts of things I *should* be doing, thoughts of things I *need* to get done, and worries tried to force their way into my mind, and a few times they almost got the best of me. But I fought back.

I’m trying.



One comment on “Day 27: on the road

  1. liz says:

    Keep fighting & keep reaching for your soul. Sending you peaceful thoughts. :)

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