Day 26: sunshine

My corner of the country is currently in a drought after last summer’s lovely flood. Temperatures in the triple digits for days in a row has fried our grass, as you can see in the above photo of my beautiful girl waiting for me to throw the kong.


I put on a strong face most of the time, but sometimes, like today, everything gets to me and all I can focus on is the negatives and stressors of my life. I see it as a block, a mental block, that I can’t get around. I’ve been fighting it for a while, but a change in perspective – no matter how big or small – is never easy to come. What can I do to change this? I’m not saying I can’t do it on my own, but sometimes a little support can go miles.


One comment on “Day 26: sunshine

  1. liz says:

    changes in perspective are really difficult. if you’re focused on the negatives in life, see if you can reframe whatever is negative into thinking that it is something that will make you grow, something that will transform you. of course, you may not know what that is right now, but in a while, you will look back & see how you have been changed, how much stronger you have become.

    and don’t forget to breathe, heather. just be true to yourself & breathe a little every day. an amazing woman in my life used to always say to me, “this, too, shall pass”.

    thinking of you. <3

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