Day 24: a stranger

As is our habit every Tuesday, Dustin and I drove down to see his mom today. On the way, we got on the topic of age and wisdom. There’s no doubt that they are inexplicably intertwined. Some people use their age better than others though. I see these elderly people sitting in their wheelchairs, watching TV, looking out the window, seemingly oblivious and lost to the world they are a part of. But when I look at one of them, all I see is life. So many years of life, experience, impact, teaching, love, conflict, and who knows what else. It’s mind-blowing to think that the old couple you see holding hands in a restaurant, slowly making their way to a table, the man helping his wife into her seat before taking a seat himself, were once teenagers getting into trouble and taking each day for granted just like every other teenager – person – does. They have so much more knowledge and wisdom than me, all I can do is be amazed.



2 comments on “Day 24: a stranger

  1. Khristine says:

    I work at an elderly assisted living and I can totally relate. I always wonder how they were when they were younger. Also, I usually wonder if I’ll grow old like them or die young.

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