Day 19: animal/insect/pet


I’ve never understood how a house could be devoid of animals. To me, a house without a dog is not completely a home. Our house would be so very empty without these four souls licking the dishes clean while we put them in the dishwasher, barking and charging the door when someone walks in, tails wagging in anticipation of dinner, keeping my bed warm before I come to bed. They are so much a part of my life, it hurts to even imagine it without them in it.

And Lucky bird, who we found close to death in a soccer net. He ate for 2 days straight, barely raising his head from the food dish. Nobody could really touch him after he regained his strength because he was so aggressive. Every night before bed I opened his cage door, took him out, held him, talked to him, and petted him. I repeated that ritual for months. Now every night during dinner, Mom opens his cage door and let’s him out to stand on it while she eats. He expectantly puts his head down in anticipation of a good head/ear rub when a hand comes towards him. Amazing, that trust is, when you think how big we are to his little fragile body. But let me tell you, his fight for life and his feistiness is fantastic and inspiring.

Animals fascinate me. They are truly the only ones who can see straight into a human soul and love without any hesitation or fear. An incredible feat, if you look at the killings and kidnappings and hate strewn on the media, all brought on and empowered by humans.  The love animals give is more than I can imagine. To those who can’t see what animals have to offer, I’ll never understand.



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