Day 12: texture

The texture of my clean curly hair. (No filter, mind you, that’s just pure awesome gingerness. ;))

I’m really enjoying this Photo-A-Day thing with Instagram. It is so much more convenient, fun, and easy, and since I always have my phone with me I rarely forget to snap a photo for the day. It’s also a tiny thing to focus on, something solid that I know for sure, without wavering, without anything unexpected propping up. Look at the topic, use your imagination, snap a photo, & share.

I enjoyed some time with my bestie today, finally. Long overdue. Much needed. Got some new books to read that she lent me but more than anything I was in the presence of some awesome company, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Things have been getting to me lately: pressure, expectations, stress, worry, negative emotions (guilt, annoyance, irritation, anger, guilt). It’s a small but wonderful release of all of that, even if just for a bit, hanging out with Ashley. Thank goodness for friends. <3


2 comments on “Day 12: texture

  1. ashley says:

    So, normally I would not admit this, but this post left a big fat smile on my face. It makes me happy to know that I do help in some small way, because most of the time I doubt that I can at all.

    I will deny I ever typed that. [Insert sarcastic comment here yada yada] okay good, I’m done here.


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