Day 7: shame on me

Yep, I didn’t get today’s required picture of a garden or even my interpretation of such. I need to try harder next time a topic isn’t appealing/inspiring to me. There is something to be found in everything if only we look hard enough.

If you haven’t already, check this post out. It’s a fantastic post (riddled with sarcasm and smart ass comments) about how we all make our own choices, and we have to live with those choices. Call me a broken record, but I could pound this out a thousand times over and not nearly emphasize it enough:

It’s all in what you believe.

Everything we say, think, and do are reflections of who we choose to be. It’s complicated though because humans are so deceptive and easily influenced by other people, things, and events around them, that every word, thought, and action have so very very many triggers & causes (regardless if we think they do or not). Have you ever thought about how much you’ve changed and grown as you’ve gotten older, or how some person or event had a larger impact on you than others? As we learn more about the world, we learn that we have more choices, different options of who we want to be. And what I’ve learned (and I speak only for myself here) is that I do have a choice –> maybe I’m not learning it but realizing it, realizing the fact that everything I say, think, do, and am are so because I choose to do so.

That’s a difficult concept, in my opinion, because who doesn’t want to blame their circumstances on a higher power or coincidences of being in the wrong place at the wrong/right time or shrugging it off as fate? It’s hard to take responsibility for your actions, and carry the knowledge that everything you are is YOUR fault whether it be bad, good, or neither. Some people, sadly maybe even most people, don’t reach that point of taking full control of who and what they are. I know I’m not there yet. Heck, there are a million mountains in my line of view. But I think realizing and accepting the fact that it is your responsibility is a good first step.

Since I started blogging, I’ve read many blogs that talk about a little something called the law of attraction (LOA). For the longest time I never understood what it was or what it meant. After I let it out of my mind for a world, I began to understand it. The hardest part is putting it into action. For me, NOT thinking things through is practically like suicide. Every little fact and detail must be pulled through my head, inch by agonizing inch, until I understand it inside and out. But there’s one small thing I was blind to for much of my life: you might not realize it, but your brain runs on autopilot a LOT. I can’t throw a number out there because I can’t be sure it would be accurate. Autopilot mode and thinking through each tiny detail do not go together. At all. I find it difficult to just trust myself – my brain, my mind – to make things go smoothly. (Am I still making sense here? I better go to bed.)

Ain’t that the truth. I need to get my hands on Incognito.

Peace, err’body. (And I apologize for missing today’s photo, since I know you were all soo looking forward to it! ;))


One comment on “Day 7: shame on me

  1. nicole says:

    Yess!!so true!!!! I wrote a 5 page English essay on this & believe it

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