Day 2: busy

My first thought when I saw today’s topic was, “Hey, I’ll take a picture when I’m busy at work!” Well, I forgot one small detail. When you get busy, you tend to focus on whatever you’re doing until you get a breathing moment again. So… I forgot to take a picture. However I was snapping pictures during doggy daycare today (just because I like to get photos of the dogs) and this one is my favorite.

That little guy with the kong in his mouth is Kota. He’s tough, he’s stubborn, a bastard & a bully at times, and most of the staff at the kennel don’t care either way for him. But despite his brattiness at times, I love him. His eyes are so endearing when he’s running toward me, and his small, built little body is so adorable. He’s an asshole at times but I see his attitude as no-nonsense, badass, tough guy cattle dog attitude (like most corgies). He knows what he wants and he’s gonna go get it. (: In this photo he was busy keeping the kong away from the other dogs (and me, sometimes, though he loved chasing it when I threw it for him).

This is the “official” photo for today’s challenge, that I took after I finished shucking corn.

My car developed a minor major leak last night after I got out of coffee with my girls. I wasn’t able to drive it today for fear that it might have been a blown hose (or worse). Well, after my dad and uncle looked it over and put some coolant in it, I took it for a spin and it was fine. That being said, I still have no idea what was wrong with it or if we just merely temporarily solved the problem and it’ll pop up later, maybe worse.

Okay, I’m off to edit photos of this princess!

Have a good night!



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