Each of us looks at life through our own lens. Our entire life is ran on manual. We choose what we want to focus on and what we want to blur out. We choose to stop and take a long look at things or to quickly glance over as we hurry on our way. We choose to look at things positively (up), negatively (down), or neutrally (straight on). Yet each individual perspective on life, is our own choice, our own doing. At any time we can choose to focus on something different, something out of our normal range of focus. We can choose to slow down and enjoy what we have now instead of worrying, wondering, and wishing about what will or will not come in the future. We can choose to take a different look at things, from a different angle.

It’s all up to you, to me, to us. We see what we want to see, and for the most part we believe that it is out of our control to change our perspective, or that changing our perspective is too much work to go through. The first view is incorrect; we can change what we choose to see. The second view isn’t correct either, depending on if you want to change your perspective.

What do you focus on each moment of every day? Is it what you want to focus on? And if not, why don’t you change it?



5 comments on “Perspective

  1. caracaleo says:

    Great post..Have you seen the movie the peaceful warrior? It has this great concept of the whole don’t let the world fade away and focus on the moment.

    • I have not but it seems I’ll have to find it and watch it. Thanks for the suggestion, and the comment! That is definitely a fantastic concept, but oh so hard to put into action (especially when times are hard).

  2. Great analogy…always been a bit on the negative side myself. After a long time, it becomes a habit that is hard to break. But I’m workin’ on it :)

    • It is a bad habit, one that I’m working on as well. I feel so fake, though, if I’m happy & cheery all the time. I guess I like to think of myself as a realist. But even that gets a tiring, and it’s better to be happy than grumpy.

      • Oh, so not gonna happen to be cheery all the time! I let myself have a good ol’ whine, and then try to end the day by seeing an ‘up’ side before I go to sleep. At least then it’s not ending on a total downer :)

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