A kinda sorta….

Sneak peek! This was taken as I was editing away this afternoon, and I decided to update Instagram since I hadn’t been posting any photos all day (bad Heather!).

Once she finally fell asleep, it was golden. And I loved putting my newest props into action right away.


I am exhausted at the moment, but in a good way. I took all three of my girls out back tonight and did a little bit of agility, something we haven’t done in ages, sadly. But oh my goodness it was an absolute blast, and I loved loved loved Mandy barking at the gate, wanting to get out and play. And Secret, who hasn’t played jility in even longer, was hilarious. She did the tunnel and a small jump, then after she retrieved the ball I threw for her, she went and did the weaves perfectly without any command from me, holding the ball in her mouth the entire time. She loves it that much, and it makes me so so happy to see her happy. (: Secret actually has a small back issue that prevents her from doing any hardcore agility, so I tried to keep it easy on her. However she was so happy to be playing the game again I could barely contain her.

Then a long walk followed, with all three dogs again. That is definitely something I need to be doing more of. Walking, jogging, and just exercising in general. And gosh knows I don’t eat healthy enough. :P

Time to hit that list!

Peace. (:


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