Something to think about

I subscribe to a daily email from “The Universe.” It’s a fun, inspirational, and sometimes comical personal message. That alone is neat. However. Yesterday my boyfriend had a lightbulb moment of sorts about something I’ve thought about but never really thought about seriously (if that makes sense).

The universe. What is it?

We – me, you, the person reading this over your shoulder (because my blog is just that awesome) – and actually every living being on Planet Earth is minuscule compared to where we are. Earth is one planet out of nine, all of which are orbiting at various distances from the sun. [I apologize if any of this is incorrect; I’m not an astronomer so feel free to tell me off.] But here’s the question: what is beyond our planets? All that black stuff we call space? Just how far does it go? Beyond the sun, beyond Pluto. Honestly, I don’t think the human brain can comprehend such a massive scale of what is ‘out there.’

After I realized this, I couldn’t begin to tell you how tiny I felt in comparison to things.



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