Bringin’ back the memories


Today began with barking dogs at 7:30am… wonderful. But seriously, it got me up and since I fell asleep rather early, I wasn’t tired and didn’t have any urge to go back to sleep. I made myself some eggs, toast, and coffee. Relaxed in my jams for a while then got ready for the day. Took Ashley’s dogs out for a while then went to the shelter. HACHIE GOT ADOPTED!!! I’m so happy for him, and I wish him and his new family the best.

After that, lunch and a walk by the river (complete with an intense debate about male/boy, female/girl and what constitutes what as in transgenders and such.. honestly not sure how we got on that topic, but yeah). Last summer the good ‘ol Missouri decided to temporarily take over parts of our streets and community areas. Actually, it was a man-made flood. If they hadn’t released water from Gavin’s Point Dam then it would have been much worse. Regardless it was still creepy seeing after the fact how far the water actually rose.

Dustin is 6ft. You can see the water level line on the tree. Isn’t that crazii?!

When we got home, this is what we found….

It’s odd enough to see my dad on a bike, but Buddy trotted alongside him, extremely happy, for a few laps around the block. It was absolutely adorable. (:

After a yummy steak salad dinner by Chef Dad, I went through some things on the top shelf of my closet – which hasn’t been touched in more than a few years. Amazing what I found.


The picture on the left is of Shiloh, an old childhood friend of mine whom I absolutely adored. What’s interesting about him, however, is that I can’t recall any specific instances of play or fun times with the guy. Usually I pick up one of my stuffed animals and I can remember their “history” with me, but not Shiloh. With him, I only remember the feelings of fondness I had for him, and that’s it. Those feelings were pretty strong for me to be as excited as I was when I found him wrapped in a ball in a basket in the very back corner of the shelf. I really missed the dude! (:

Then I organized my baskets, blankets, and other doodads for baby shoots. I have my first newborn shoot coming up next Tuesday and am so nervous but of course excited at the same time. (:

That’s my day in a nutshell. Instagram is my new addiction, I believe. @24Freak follow me and let me know you read my blog and I’ll follow you back. (:



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