Which do you see?

One sidewalk, two perspectives. Do you see the beginning, or do you see the end?

I drive by this sidewalk almost every single day, yet for some reason today was different. It struck me suddenly that there were two different ways to look at this everyday scene. Just like life. Except life is relative to the person’s choices. You can choose to see it one way or a different way or even another different way. Most of them time we see our choices as being definitives which we have no control over. One thing forced us to do another thing which led to another thing which led to our present condition or decision. A decision is like being between a rock and a hard place, and we end up lamenting that we “had no choice” or “didn’t have much of a choice.” Is that really true?

You tell me.



3 comments on “Which do you see?

  1. Great question! Having used those phrases a few times myself…I wonder if it’s something we like to tell ourselves when we don’t want to admit we knowingly made the wrong choice? It’s all a learning curve :) Like your pathways perspectives…

    • Exactly! That is a good way to put it. That, or any other excuse someone could come up with. I definitely agree. We have such a hard time admitting we might have made, or did make, a mistake.

  2. […] and when I want/am able to work at the boarding kennel. There are a number of options, but it doesn’t feel like much of a choice, mainly because I want to spend as little time as possible at the restaurant job. Unfortunately […]

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