Is it really Saturday?

I ask that because today was actually really, really enjoyable and downright nice. A completely uncharacteristic Saturday for me.

It began with my first job, the kennel job, and that started out rather… intensely. I got stuck in the middle of a dog fight between a boxer and a lab. My pinky finger took a beating and I may lose a fingernail (that might actually be a great way to stop my nail biting habit, get rid of the fingernails entirely haa) but other than that, no harm done. You can find a photo somewhere on my Twitter feed if you’re curious. It’s a pretty sweet wound, if I do say so myself. ;) The dogs really are wonderful, and I love love love watching them interact and play and spray the hose for them to chase.

Then I had to go to my second job, the one I haven’t said anything good about lately, and I can honestly say I had a good time there, too. Unbelievable, to me at least, but true. I had a different job today, so it wasn’t the norm, and I think that, + having a bit of a break from the place, has helped. Who knows if my feelings will change about the place, but tonight was a good night at work and that’s all that matters.

My manager stopped me before I left tonight and said something along the lines of “You have a great personality and are very mature. We need more workers like you on the floor.” Apart from appreciating the compliment (it was really nice of him to actually pull me aside and tell me, I thought), it got me thinking about maturity levels and how much I’ve changed. I’ve always been what I term a ‘late-bloomer’ in nearly every aspect of my life: becoming socially adept, making friends, taking interest in my appearance, trying different styles & new ideas, getting a job, getting my license, etc. Always have I been behind my peers in these things in my life, both physically and mentally. Honestly, I still feel that way but that’s another story. Another term I used every now and then to describe myself in these things was immature, and naive.

Perhaps I’m mature in my work ethic and professionality and sense of ethics and responsibility; I have little doubt of that. Personally, however, I have a long way to go to use the term ‘mature’ on myself. Developing myself, creating myself, finding my passion, you name it. No short process, that’s for sure.

It’s a journey towards peace. Or is it?




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