Two things (:

First of all, thank you to Alarna Rose for mentioning me in her post. I suggest you go follow her and read about her wonderful little dog, Pepi. She’s quite the writer, also. Second of all, I have some photos to share with you. One of the best things about having a DSLR (imo) is the ability to take some sick action shots. So I give you….

Jayde & the Water Gun

Her eyes look creepy & ghosty in that one, but get this: it’s the reflection of the pool. Zoom in and check it out. It’s so neat.

Okay that one is a little blurry but I love how her fangs are showing so I had to post it.

That one (above) is probably my favorite of the entire set, just because every water droplet is frozen and her expression is absolutely priceless. You can almost picture her move before and after this shot; it’s like a thought frozen in time.

“Come on,” she says, “Bring it on!”

I love love love the single water droplet and slobber falling off of her tongue. Way cool capture.

Tell me that one ^^ does NOT look like a werewolf.

Stalk mode!

Again, every single water droplet is frozen, plus Peyton looks so bedraggled – it’s adorable xD

Peyton, again haha

If anyone is curious, all of these were shot at either 1/400 or 1/500 shutter speed. Let me know what you think!



6 comments on “Two things (:

  1. Heather, that’s very sweet of you :) Those photos are stunning! Especially love how you’ve captured her enjoyment of the whole thing…

  2. Dan Miller says:

    Dogs are just awesome.

  3. Nicole says:

    these pictures are so awesome!! I love the water and her expressions are amazing!

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