I love my job (:

Today was a long, tiring, but fun day. Bathed two dogs, deep cleaned the grooming room, deep cleaned some kennels, doggy daycare. The dogs really are an absolute blast, even the bratty ones. ;)

Pool party!

“Dang, this digging is more frustrating than sand digging!”

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably repeat it a thousand+ times over, but I can’t help it: Dogs are the most fascinating creatures on Earth. Their ability to live in the present – which is an inability to worry about the past and the future – and not hold grudges just takes my breath away. That is one trait I need to refine in myself. For instance: “….find the beauty, fun, and soul-touching moments” I get so caught up in regrets, worries, wishes, hopes, dreams, anticipations, anxiety, excitement, unsureity, and so many other things that I really don’t remember to take advantage of the only thing I *really* have, which is now.

Here’s another example (of what, I don’t know, it just goes with what I’m talking about atm): just act! Sort of like Nike’s slogan, just do it. Don’t think about how yesterday’s events went, don’t think about all the appointments you have to go to tomorrow. It’s funny how you can look back on some things and realize that you just acted without thinking, and it all turned out okay, maybe even better than you would have thought if you had labored over it for ages. I know I’ve had those moments.

A lil cottonball named Josh (:

Sweet Dublin. Such a good boy.

Tomorrow is my day off, I have a few possible photo shoots coming up that I’m beginning to get excited about. Trying to contain it though, take in each moment and enjoy it as it comes. Difficult to do, let me tell you.



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