It’s Your Journey

“…wishing, hoping, & regretting are the most common and dangerous tactics for evading the present.” – Wayne Dyer

(I think worrying should be on that list.)

“Feelings are reactions you choose to have.” – Wayne Dyer

Conclusion: You choose what you feel, no matter what the circumstances, and you only have now to decide how to feel. Yesterday is done and gone, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Cliche, perhaps, but true nonetheless. Sounds like a challenge. What do  you think?

I know I’m tired of the stress, the worry, the feelings of insecurity about my future and regrets about what I should have done or could have done differently in the past. I’m tired of thinking, deep down, “I wish I had had a different childhood.” Because what good will it do now? None… zip, zero, zilch. Life is a journey: your journey, my journey, our journey. What is more important than the life you have now? The journey you are on right at this moment?

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2 comments on “It’s Your Journey

  1. A writer once told me every story has its own length and rhythm – there is no formula. Apply that to life, and there’s no time but yours…Don’t be scared to take it :)

  2. […] the question of time, regret, living in the moment.  I’m touched by their journeys, especially The Mezz and The Nomad, who echo some of […]

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