Two things…

A couple things:

  • I’m starting a new part-time job tomorrow, at a boarding & doggy daycare kennel run by my wonderful mentor and friend! I am so excited for this opportunity to be around dogs and other dog people, as well as get a small paycheck on the side. The only downside is that it is a morning job. However the good things about it are so great to me I really don’t mind. :) (Just don’t ask me if I mind it Tuesday at 5am when I’ll be attempting to get my tired butt out of bed. No small feat, if you know me.)
  • I am *possibly* getting my phone upgraded some time this week and I am definitely going with the iPhone. I am SO EXCITED for it! (: Slowly spreading my love for Apple… hehe

Those are the two biggest things right now, but they are very exciting to me. (: I won’t be offended if you’re not as excited just because you’re a cat/PC person. ;)


The start of a new week tomorrow. A new job. New thoughts. New ideas. New opportunities.

Bring it on.



2 comments on “Two things…

  1. Way to go! Goodluck on the new job :) (You’ve been giving me a good reason to procrastinate, but promise to stop stalking now :) !)

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