Who needs a photo fix?

How about a puppy fix? (:

Some nature shots, perhaps?
Tried out another silhouette. I’m satisfied with the outcome, for the most part. (:

Oh, I know your eyes keep straying to that lovely looking shepherd-shaped blur in the background…

I’m just teasing you now, right? ;)

Okay, okay, here’s the the shepherd queen for your insatiable perfect shepherd cravings.

Are you overcome with her cuteness yet? No, well…

…I’m convinced I have the cutest dog on the planet.

And of course here’s the grand ‘ol girl that made everything possible. (: She’s going to help me take over the world some day, ya know.

Gotta save all the energy she can. ;)

Hope everyone had a good Saturday!



5 comments on “Who needs a photo fix?

  1. Nicole says:

    so many gorgeous photos! loved this!!!

  2. liz says:

    you are a true photographer. follow your dreams!! :)

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