Hello June…

I’ve hit the 6 month mark on this post-a-day challenge! Yay me! Of course it hasn’t been without hiccups along the way, but overall I think deciding to blog once a day has been a great thing for me. Yes, sometimes it’s been an annoyance and other times I can’t think of a single thing to say with 10 mins left in the day. But I’ve really enjoyed it. So here’s to another 6 months. (:

Like I said, I think my perception is off. My world is off balance. I feel like I’m getting hit from 10 different directions, all begging for my attention. If I had more time, maybe I’d elaborate but because I only have 9 minutes and don’t feel like rushing…

Go read this: something beautiful

That woman has an amazing way of putting things into words. Right now I need to find some way to balance out all this stuff in my head.

Gnight blogosphere.




One comment on “Hello June…

  1. Happy summer Mezz…hope you get some time to take it easy in there somewhere :)

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