Happy Memorial Day!

I’ll share some of the shots I got tomorrow, after I transfer them. (: There was one shot that I was really eager to get that I didn’t get the chance to, so I’ll have to wait for another time to arise.

Today was pretty busy. Grilled out with the family for lunch: hot dogs, chili, potato salad, macaroni salad, Sun chips – delish. And so American. ;) Then Dustin and I took the girls & Haylie to the dog park, and let Haylie play on the playground for a while. There were so many other people with the same idea as us + bbq’ing, volleyball, soccer, fishing, paddling, and lots of other activities. I’ve never seen that particular park so packed, but it didn’t surprise me. The weather was bright and sunny, with a not-so-calm breeze keeping everything at a tolerable temperature. Rainbow Snow (a local summer sno-cone place that is unique to our town as far as I know) followed, and that, folks, is the taste of summer. (:

Speaking of summer I got my first sunburn of the year today. I never realize until after my first sunburn of the year that, “Oh hey, I should probably start wearing sunscreen.” We spent some time at Dustin’s dad’s grave and cemetery, where the ducks and swans held many childrens’ attention for quite a while. It is a beautiful park, and even more beautiful this weekend with every single flag up and every grave decorated with a flower or two. Fluffy white clouds, summer green grass, and bright blue skies provided an awesome backdrop for the majestic red, white, & blue flying o’er it all. (:

A smoothie with my bestie, time with her hilarious mental case of a sister (hehe ;)), and a few games of wii bowling with Dustin and his friend, Matt, concluded the fun-filled day. Back to the May term class tomorrow, but only for a few more days, the last day being Thursday. I can’t believe June is almost here already. Halfway through 2012. Maybe it’s just me but the past few years I’ve felt like the beginning half of the year goes by much faster than the second half. We’ll see if that happens this year.

Thank you to our veterans, human and canine alike. <3


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