Feeling off. This could become a short series or something.

I’ve heard “This is going to be a long weekend” from two completely different and separate people today. And all I can say is I hope not! My weekend begins Sunday afternoon, when I get off work. (:

After a great night with Ashley and Amber, watching [somewhat] scary movies and eating my own personal pizza, I was in a weird mood today. The weather was rainy and stormy, with lightening & thunder in all its glory. So beautiful. Yet today I couldn’t find it in me to enjoy it like I usually do. My mom often says, “It must be the weather” as an excuse for practically everything. But rain has never negatively affected my mood, so I’m sure it wasn’t the weather for my down-in-the-dumps feeling. As I began tackling my to-do list for the day, I realized that two of the things I was determined to finish could not be finished today. My mind was given too much information. K.I.S.S. I need to remind myself sometimes. But with my analytical mind it’s hard to do that, if nigh impossible.

I doubt that paragraph made much sense. Sorry. Here’s a photo to make up for it.

I think I’m going to go play around with PicMonkey’s new collage feature. Sweeeeet. And then read my book.



2 comments on “Feeling off. This could become a short series or something.

  1. liz says:

    thinking of you, heather. you’ll emerge from your funk one day soon. in the meantime, you & your bf are soooo cute! :)

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