New nephew & bloggers block

I am now the extremely proud and happy aunt of a wonderful 7lbs 2oz, 19 inch long baby boy. As soon as I got the news last night, I did my own happy dance, yelling and hollering around the empty house, dogs looking at me like what the heck (except Jayde, she wanted to join in). I’m disappointed I couldn’t be with the rest of my family and hold his warm cozy little newborn body and kiss his petal soft cheeks. Just can’t wait to meet him! (:


A sore case of bloggers block has struck me, for a few days now. I feel like I’m losing interest in sharing things, or maybe just losing my train of thought and not caring enough to sort it all out. Who knows, take your pick. It’s funny, really. During the school year my brain was on a different track, focused on classes and exams. Now I’m focused on work, worry, money, stress, planning get togethers with my two besties, working day to day on plans and to-do lists. All sorts of good stuff.

My brain feels fried almost more than during finals week. Daily, constant, unending stimulation tires me out. And that’s why I’m getting. Not saying I don’t like it, of course. (:

Today began with that stupid May Term class. Such a terrible disappointment and not at all what either Ashley or I were expecting. I’m just ready for it to be over with, so I can have my relaxing mornings back. After that I ran some errands, sighed sadly at the amount in my bank account, shot some hoops with the boyf and my oldest niece, took a refreshing shower, and went to a baseball game. The home team smashed the visitors 15-6. (:


Here’s a sneak peek from Tina & Chris’s session. For more you’ll have to check out my photography blog or the Moments By Mezz Photography Facebook page.

I apologize for the lackluster posts lately. I hope I get some inspiration for blogging back soon. Hang in there if ya can, I appreciate it. (:

One last thing…..
Happy Birthday to my big sister, Kaylinn. (:

Peace, peeps.


6 comments on “New nephew & bloggers block

  1. Amber says:

    Boyf, that’s new! Haha. Congrats on the new nephew! I love babies. Also, breathe girl you don’t need to stress so much. Although it’s easier said than done. It’s summer babe, don’t forget!

  2. liz says:

    ok. i have multiple responses for you:
    1. congratulations!!!! a new baby, a nephew is fantastic!!! :)
    2. your blogger’s block is most likely due to the stress that your brain has been under for finals, and now beginning your new may term class. you’re perhaps too tired to find inspiration. just keep at it. and, as amber said, breathe.
    3. i’ll still be here. ready to read, or not read. but, i’m a lover of your blog!


    • Thanks for the encouragement (: you’re the best. #2 could definitely be true. I haven’t thought about it that way but that is very possible. I appreciate Liz, a lot, so thanks for hangin’ in there with me.

  3. Congrats, by the way! Being an aunt teaches you so much about life :)

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