No, I’m not a little dog person but…

Meet Hachie. Pronounced “Haa-chi.”

This little boy was brought in to the shelter and then surrendered because he grabbed the pants leg of someone visiting his home. I can’t say anymore about that situation and the reasons from bringing him in because that is all I know. So many factors could have – and probably did – play(ed) a part in why he did what he did. That being said, every time I have seen this little guy, he has the happiest, sweetest attitude ever. He’s not barky, like most little dogs, just a little whiny if you ignore him for a while. He’s great around other dogs, both big and small. Loves to sit in my lap. Is quite agile. And I would bet he’s quite young as well. A sweet, good boy who has been at the shelter for much too long. Hopefully he gets adopted at the dog event this weekend (that I have to miss because I couldn’t get it off work). I’m crossing my fingers for him. I’ve become particularly attached to him, and always look for his cute little face in kennel D3 when I walk in, although I’m always hoping he isn’t there and is instead in a warm bed cuddled up with someone. They all deserve that.


I had an interview at a good friend of mine’s boarding/daycare pet hotel that she opened late last year. It is a small step, yet it is a step all the same, and I am going to grasp it for all that I’m worth. I have a few options open to me right now job-wise, so I need to think through each one and decide. The main thing is being able to live with my decision. Obvious, yet not so easy.

We shall see.

Hello wonderful weekend of work.


2 comments on “No, I’m not a little dog person but…

  1. Hey, what a gorgeous little fella! It must be difficult not to adopt them all…as to how anyone could give him away, well, it’s hard not to judge, but animal ownership is, to say the least, complicated. Love what you’re doing :)

    • He’s cute, isn’t he? (: I don’t understand why people do the things they do, and probably never will. But you are right, it is a complicated thing. Thank you, and thanks for the comment!

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