Quick post before work

The weekend seems extra long this time because I am working an extra shift. I know that shouldn’t really make too much of a difference, but in my head it does. :P Especially with Sunday being Mother’s Day. The restaurant should be nice and busy and that means dollar signs (unless it goes like it did last night, then I can kiss my hard-working hours bye bye).

I finally got around to updating my photography blog. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the prices on the investment page, so take them with a grain of salt for now. After I finish building my portfolio, the prices will change.


For your entertainment, here are the full set of photos from Parker’s battle with the moth:

That collage app I downloaded is pretty sweet. (: Double points because it was free!


That is all I have for you today. Maybe I’ll post again tonight. Maybe not. We’ll see. Off to work now.



2 comments on “Quick post before work

  1. jwils19 says:

    I have to feel for the moth…that must have been a terrifying experience….the dog is beyond hilarious

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