Summer has arrived!!!

Countdown to the first bonfire of the year: 20 mins. (Or something like that.) (:

I adore those little spit bubbles. <3

Because I’m slightly in a hurry, I decided to post these instead of doing an extensive post. I created my page today (deep breath, Heather!) and can’t wait to start messing with it. Go search on Facebook, Moments By Mezz Photography, and spread the love. I’d very much appreciate it. (: Right now, however, bonfire with mah two besties! (:

Peace, peeps!


4 comments on “Summer has arrived!!!

  1. liz says:

    heather, i am sooooo excited for you & for the opportunities that are presenting themselves in your life!!! grab them! you’re gonna get so much experience and have so much fun, i think, because you are really talented. that’s just my 2 cents worth. hehe. happy summer to you!

  2. bestweddingdressforyou says:

    lol the baby is so cute!!

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