If you had one shot to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?

Today started off with some exciting, nerve wracking, and almost overwhelming opportunities. Since I posted two photos of Mr. Jaiden on Facebook, I have gotten numerous requests for photos. Including one that is over the top – a wedding. Okay, so she said it was going to be a small, simple wedding… still, a wedding. Wow. I didn’t know what to think or do when I read that message. What a crazii and exciting opportunity! That I still don’t know what to think of. :P

I’ve just gotta jump on it, take the plunge. See what happens. Learn from it. Explore and break down my boundaries. This summer – actually beginning with Jaiden’s photos – I am building my portfolio. It is the first step. (:


On other news, I apologize for the rather short posts lately. I feel like I’ve been putting less priority on my blog posts than I did while classes were in session. Not sure why that is.

Ashley did an awesome post that you should probably go read for fun (no pun intended). I finished my Jodi Picoult book while soaking in a hot bath. I’ve noticed that I’ve really enjoyed doing that lately. The next book I picked up was another trusty Sandra Brown novel, Chill Factor. I’ve read her books before, and though she’s not my favorite author, I like the twists she puts at the end of her books. It keeps me hooked and kudos to her for that. (: Who’s your favorite author? Why?

Quick update on Vicki aka Kiki (thanks Nicole! I like it better. (:) – She has a soft case of kennel cough so it’ll be a few days before she gets to settle into what is hopefully a much comfier temporary home for her than the cold kennel at the shelter.


So I’m running short on time right now, since it is 11:43:04pm right now, but I have to mention this last thing.

I often have reservations about choices I’ve made, like for instance, taking in Vicki. As soon as I had called Wade – the coordinator – and settled it with him, I began thinking, What if she doesn’t fit in? What if she doesn’t get along with our dogs, or vice versa? What if I can’t help her? And with my photography: What if I can’t meet their expectations (for instance, at the wedding)? What if I don’t get any good shots? What if my clients are dissatisfied with my work? Notice that these are all ‘what-if’ questions. And I know I can’t live life questioning “what if?” but it is still a difficult habit to overcome. My boyfriend said to me today before work, “You’re the only one who doesn’t have confidence in your work, but everyone else loves it.” Why is that, Heather?

Hmmm… something to chew on. And another mountain to overcome. We are our own worst enemies.



4 comments on “If you had one shot to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?

  1. ashley says:

    hahaha girrlllll you so punny.


  2. nicmaybe says:

    Awesome news about the Wedding shoot :). Go for it, girl!!! If you don’t, you’ll always regret it. I know sometimes it’s hard to ignore the doubts. But think about it that way: What do you have to lose? What’s the worst thing that could happen? Chances are there to be taken, right?

  3. liz says:

    DO IT!!! i’m rooting for you!

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