Let’s start this off right


Meet Vicki

My last exam was today (YAY!), I helped my sister today by driving all the way back home to get her car keys because she locked her keys in her car (again!), and I saw the little chihuahua that I nearly brought home on Sunday night (he needs to find a forever home before he becomes too tempting…). Regardless of the fact that I have what my college calls a May Term – which is a class through the month of May (yes, aren’t they original?) – my brain went on summer mode long before my last exam and is definitely on break now that my classes are officially over.

That being said… I may be taking in a foster on Thursday. This Thursday. And it will be that girlie in the photo above. Terrible name for a dog but because she would only by my foster, I don’t think I’m allowed to change it. But the point is that this girl needs attention, love, and care…. lots of TLC + personal attention. You see, Vicki came in with a label: fear-biter. She bit the manager of the shelter, and that woman now wants to put her down. All because this little dog is scared and defends herself the only way she knows, i.e. the only way that has worked in the past.

Look at it another way: A child comes into a foster home with an unknown history. Something happened to this child that caused him or her to be distrustful of others. Perhaps this child lashes out without thinking about how his or her actions hurt others. What if, when you dug deeper, you learned that the child was abused and neglected his or her entire life and doesn’t know what love feels like anymore because he or she has been let down so many times.

I hope Vicki will be happy here, I hope she fits in, and I hope I can help her adjust and find the forever home she deserves. <3


Here’s another sneak peek for ya. (: Told you his eyes were to die for.



One comment on “Let’s start this off right

  1. Nicole says:

    aww Vicki is gorgeous despite her name, I wish you the best of luck working with her :)
    (you could possibly call her “kiki” as a nickname? it sounds almost the same…

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