Drizzle much?

I just got back from an awesome 2hr talk with the two coolest chicks ever: Amberness and The Ashhole. Coffee & those girls make my day. (:

And other than that I really have nothing to say.

Life is a funny thing. You can learn from your mistakes (if you choose to) and you can learn from other peoples’ mistakes (if you choose to). But I honestly think there are some things you have to experience yourself. No matter how much someone may tell you about something, or give you advice about something, or tell you how or why to do something or not, it does not sink it until after you yourself have crossed that line. I visualize it as a line in my head that I step over, that I move past. In this sense, ‘crossing the line’ is something you – *I*want to do. And usually needs to be done, in order to go on to the next step in your life.

One of the (not so) funniest things is listening to someone tell you something and knowing they barely notice you – they are merely trying their hardest to convince themselves of the truthfulness of the words they speak.

I don’t know if that made sense. This weekend was easy. Summer…



One comment on “Drizzle much?

  1. Nicole says:

    ahh those last couple paragraphs! yesss truth right there!

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