Where have the times gone?

Slobbery ball & a tired puppy. <3

As of 11am this morning, I am finished with 2 of my 3 finals. My last one is on Tuesday. And today I realized I had something I haven’t had in quite a while: free time. That is, free time that isn’t fenced in between other things that have to get done. Nothing absolutely pressing I need to get done or that are weighing me down. It is a wonderful feeling. So what did I do with that free time?

Went for walk with the girls & Dustin. Browsed through Barnes & Noble. Spent some time at the humane society with a scared but adoringly sweet rottweiler girl. Threw the ball around for Jayde. Went to the used book sale (eeek! 14 books for $9, heck yes!). Soaked in a hot bath and read one of my favorite Jodi Picoult books, Handle With Care. Tidied up a corner of my room, hung all my clothes up, reorganized my bookshelf. And now here I am. (:


I want to take a moment to share this: incompatible me. Read her words. Read the tweets & hashtags. Click on the links.

I’m not particularly religious; I’ve honestly never understood organized religion and such. But the glaring problem is inequality. In 2012, as far as we have come, we humans have so so so much to learn about life and love and peace and happiness. I don’t have the knowledge to argue on what is going on in the methodist church, or any church for that matter, but I believe it is worth re-posting and hopefully spreading the word, even if it is one person at a time. Who has the right to tell someone they are incompatible because of who they love

Other news..

I want to do a shout-out to my wonderful followers, real or not. (: All 52 of you are pretty freakin fantastic (whether you actually read my posts or not ;)).

Peace, peeps.


3 comments on “Where have the times gone?

  1. lovely dog. i liked pups. please add few more photographs. thanks for sharing.

  2. liz says:

    thanks for the link! oh, and your doggies are so cute. :)

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