As I sit here…

Second day in a row of bloggers block. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I guess we all have our days, right?

The sad thing is I haven’t gotten any shots the past couple days either. I could make excuses like, “I’m focusing on finals” or “I haven’t had the time.” But regardless of the truthfulness of those, the real reason is because I haven’t picked up my camera and actively looked for a shot to capture. Sadly enough.

However I was asked from a friend at work to take her baby boy’s 6 month photos and I am super excited and nervous about it. I have lots of ideas planned out, and hopefully (if all goes well) I will be doing my first baby shoot next week! Wish me luck. (:


I might’ve posted this one already but, hey, Jayde’s face never gets old. (:


My unbiological sister did a post yesterday about peace. (It makes me excited to see she’s doing the May PhotoADay challenge, which I stepped out of for the month.) At the end she posed a question…

“Being in nature and spending time with my dogs have always been the two most effective ways  (& two of my favorite ways) for me to find peace. What do you do that you find peaceful? Where do you turn to find peace?”

Fascinating question, because I really don’t know where I find peace. Of course my technical mind began splitting it up and analyzing the bits and pieces after I read the question, so that led me to: “What kind of peace are you looking for? What kind of peace do you want?

Then there is this:

“….instead it is a sense of calm & hope in the midst of all of that because we are faced with suffering, confusion, pain, and reality every moment of our lives. peace gives us strength to make it through.”  – Liz

I’d like to say that this is the strongest definition I’ve yet found for the kind of peace I am looking for, but I hesitated in saying that outright. My gut is telling me something is missing but I’m not sure what this is exactly.

Anyway. I feel peace when I’m alone with Jayde and/or Mandy- playing with them, going for a walk, just the two or three of us hanging out. Walking and running help me feel peaceful. Sometimes driving around with some country music on and the windows down can do wonders.

But even as I was typing that, I wondered: Is that really ‘peace’ I feel while doing those things? Or am I mistaking calmness/contentedness for ‘peace’? I’m not looking for something temporary that comes and goes depending on who I’m with or what I’m doing. The peace I’m searching for is something deeper. Peace with myself perhaps?

As always…. peace.


4 comments on “As I sit here…

  1. ashley says:

    As usual, awesome post. I really like Liz’s definition of peace. Of course, I didn’t put as much thought into it as you did. It’s interesting the comparison to calmness/contentedness. I see peace as a higher level of those, I suppose you could say.

    I don’t know, but as I type this, Peyton is at my feet barking because she wants to play. Maybe while we throw the ball around, I’ll ask her what peace really is… ;]

    • I would agree that it is a higher level of those. How do we know when we’ve reached it?

      Btw, let me know what Peyton’s wonderful little head of wisdom has to say about the topic. (: Those dogs are so much smarter than humans will ever be. And they’ll never give up their secrets, the little rascals!. ;)

  2. Nicole says:

    Jayde is gorgeous as always! I know how you feel girl, I have a million tests, want to blog but don’t know what to say. Somehow though, you managed to write an excellent post!


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