Train in abstract

Not sure if this *would* be considered abstract, but then again I’ve never attempted abstract photography. This was sort of a lucky shot that I thought looked neat in black and white.


It was a long weekend for this chick. A long, hard, tiring weekend that sucked all the energy and patience out of me. And usually Mondays and Tuesdays are my relief days, focusing on homework and busy work, and nothing else. But I have a final on Wednesday and Thursday and that is what I need to work on right now, so it’s not much relief. Right now I’m too mentally and physically exhausted to think about anything, let alone this:

What is Nathanson’s “Rule Utilitarian Defense” of noncombatant immunity?  A complete answer will include the following: (a) the distinction between act and rule utilitarianism; (b) Nathanson’s 5 step argument for absolute prohibitions; (c) how Nathanson applies absolute prohibitions to noncombatant immunity; (d) the implications of this argument for terrorism.

That and four more like it for Wednesday. Once I get rest and nutrients in me, maybe I’ll be able to focus my brain more. But I’ve noticed today I’ve forgotten stupid, little things that I normally remember in my sleep. And now I’m afraid I’m going to sleep through the last History & Systems class of the semester tomorrow, which I cannot do.

Wish me luck. && have a good week, peeps.



4 comments on “Train in abstract

  1. Nicole says:

    gorgeous photo!
    good luck on your final :/

  2. awesome pic!! :) um yea….on that Nathanson’s rule thingie….have fun with that….LOL ;)

    • Oh I plan on it, believe me. ;) I’ve got the procrastination thing on a roll, I’ve bookmarked what I need to re-read, I’ve downloaded the notes. But when I go to begin reading what I need to, I suddenly get the urge to check WordPress, or Facebook, or Twitter, or email, or… haha

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