Day Trip with my Mom

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing my mom’s hometown, about 30 minutes away, for a sibling reunion they’re having in June. It started with a stop at the church she used to attend.

Then we went to main street. And was that a sight to behold.

The barber shop that was there when my mom was a kid, is still there and still open.

The museum.

The building on the left was a drugstore and the pizza place used to be a bowling alley.

And this was the movie theater.

When we walked in…

Definitely a small town. Mom named off each and every one of these guys, all of whom she grew up with. The second guy on the left was her prom date back in the day! It was so cool to meet these people from Mom’s childhood. You can’t see it in the picture but on the wall further off to the right is a light that remains from the old movie theater. I tried imagining in my head what it might have looked like back then.

And this was the land Mom grew up on. She said there was a house, a barn, chicken coops, and the whole she-bang. And now….

The only thing left is the driveway.

I met Mom’s prom date. I met one of her ex-boyfriends. I met her best friend she has growing up, and who saw her through her rough divorce with her first husband. I met two other women she went to school with. I saw the home she owned and lived in before her divorce. I saw the church she used to go to, that someone bought and converted into a beautiful home.

I loved seeing and learning about my Mom’s childhood and a little bit of her past. I’ve always admired my mom. She does so much every single day, she has so much love for her family, and she has been through more than I could ever imagine in her long lifetime. She’s a woman of wisdom, one I only hope I can be as smart and strong as someday.


When we were leaving, I asked her: “Does it make you sad to see your childhood home all gone?”

And she replied, “Yes, but we can’t go back. If I were to go back, I’d be a kid again.”

So true.



5 comments on “Day Trip with my Mom

  1. Wow….what a breath of fresh air your blog is. I love all the photos and seeing how you see the world. Course this post caught my eye….thank you for bringing a little sunshine to my day! :) psssst…..I love your last line about your mom saying she would be a kid again…. ;)

  2. liz says:

    awesome blog, heather!!! great pics and such a fantastic snapshot of small-town America. I love Europe & big cities, but I lived in a small town in north carolina for a while… one main street, old buildings closed, everyone knew each other… and I had family all across small towns in NC as well. There is something very comforting, very beautifully simplistic about small town America, where the community is your family. I may be all of the world, but I’ll always appreciate the small towns which are in my heart. Thanks for reminding me! xo

    • When I was younger, I used to think it would be very neat to live in a small town where everyone knew your name and nobody had to lock their doors. Looking back, I’m glad I grew up where I did, but the small town life will always fascinate me. (:

  3. Sorta late to party….but TAG you are it! Please stop by my blog….you don’t want to be it forever….and this is not freeze tag! :)

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