April Photo-A-Day update

I feel like I haven’t updated on my April photos in a while, so here ya go. I apologize, I missed the 18th & 20th.

April 16th: flower
The pretty little bleeding hears in our backyard.

April 17th: something you hate
Waiting in lines. This was taken while Dustin and I were waiting to exchange some circus coupons. Trying out the waist technique!

April 19th: orange
I snapped this while at a stoplight. It was the only bright color on a dreary day and happened to be the one color I needed! (:

April 21st: bottle
Dad's Gorilla Glue bottle after he had to poke a hole in the bottom. The stuff is magical but the surface seriously solidifies after use!

April 22nd: what you last bought
Fiber One bars. Perfect for breakfast on-the-go. Which is always, for me.

April 23rd: vegetable
A yummy salad my mama made, complete with carrots, spinach, iceberg lettuce, and red peppers! So yummy.

April 24th: something you're grateful for
I'm grateful that this little Peyton puppy got a new lease on life. She got her heart defect fixed and is always on-the-go! Such a sweetheart. (: (And of course I'm grateful for that chick holding Peyton who is oozing awesomeness.)

Yay for more April pictures! I can’t believe April is almost over. And I feel like I just said that about March, but April went about 4 times faster. Where does time go?!

Oh, also here is last week’s photo challenge:

Week 16: something you made
I made chocolate chip cookies, from scratch.




2 comments on “April Photo-A-Day update

  1. liz says:

    i’m telling you, heather, you’re good. love your photos. such a peek into everyday life!

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