Do you ever wonder where all those glorious seconds, minutes, and hours go that recently poured through your fingers on an idle weekend or a cool evening, when suddenly you feel like you’re racing the clock on some crazed, hurried weekday?

Nowhere. They’re still there, lazing around. They just look different when you focus upon what you haven’t done, instead of what you have done.

Your output is legendary,
The Universe

Some of the things that hurt us here the most, Heather, are your regrets over the past, insecurities over downtime, and self-doubts over decisions to be made.

Heck, the past was only warm-up practice, downtime gives us a chance to set a new stage, and it’s you we call “the boss.”

Born to run,
The Universe

Those are a couple messages I’ve kept in my inbox. Interesting thoughts. Ones that have struck me into reading them over. And then again.

The first one speaks of perspective. The second of insecurities. They each have a meaning to me, affect me in different ways, sometimes overlapping.


My beloved Picnik closed 3 days ago. I used it alot for quick edits, adding text to photos, and for making collages. Fortunately they suggested another site, http://www.picmonkey.com. All the photos I posted yesterday were edited using that program, which I really like (minus the fact they don’t have collages yet).

Here’s another photo I edited today.



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