One day closer to summer!

 Classes end on May 1st (I believe).

Finals are May 2nd – May 8th .

Then May Term is May 12th – June 3rd.

My nephew will be born in the middle of May Term.

Summer. <3

It is so crazii to see that there is pretty much a week left of classes. Where in the world did April go?! I’m ready for summer, I’m ready for classes to be over with, I just hate the end-of-semester stress and rushing to tie up last minute things. Actually I don’t have  too much to worry about project or paper-wise, apart from a research paper due next Friday. Final exams are the main focus points.

Wow. I am so ready! I can’t wait to focus on work, dogs, and non-school related stuff!


That’s all for today. I’m actually in class right now. Work tonight. Work tomorrow. Work Sunday morning. Homework/studying Sunday night. The usual long weekend. Hope everyone else has a good weekend!


P.S. It’s nice to get this blog post out of the way before work. Now I don’t have to blog from my crappy phone


One comment on “One day closer to summer!

  1. liz says:

    ahhhh… the student life. i miss it and i don’t miss it all at the same time. hope work goes well for you tonight! :)

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