My Tuesday, in a nutshell

Tuesdays. My ‘sleeping in’ day.

I try not to sleep in too long though. 10am at the very latest, but preferably around 9am. Got up and lazed around for about an hour before picking up the boyf and heading to the humane society and animal control center. The lovely little black and white chihuahua that I was quickly getting attached to in my head got adopted, thank goodness! (else I might have brought her home, and that would *not* have gone down well.) Played with two black lab puppies – full of energy, hyper, friendly, playful. Everything a lab should be. Someone’s future best friend. Took a beautiful female husky out of her cage who had the disadvantage of being like every other husky: a phenomenal escape artist. Her family surrendered her in tears, but they didn’t know what else to do. Sadly, this was probably another incident of people not doing their homework before attaining another living being into their households.


Lunch. Class. Home. I grabbed my camera, put my 50mm away and grabbed my kit 18-55mm, one that I haven’t used in ages. Snapped some photos of the bleeding hearts we have out by our back gate, then went to the neighbors yard. There were some little flowers (I’m no greenthumb so no idea what they were) and had a nice surprise. Some sort of moth/bee looking thing buzzing busily around the buds, this way and that. I’ll post some as soon as I transfer them from my camera.

We went to the circus tonight, Dustin and I that is. Like a little kid date. He hasn’t been to a circus in 20 years. I went 2 years ago. Still, we had fun and there were some new acts that I thoroughly enjoyed, like the motocross-type stunts. Very cool. And the canine act was hilarious and beautiful to watch. Those poodles – of all different sizes – were just having the time of their life out there with their favorite humans. It was one of my favorite acts.


That was my day, in a nutshell. Nothing exciting happened today, except at one point my intuition began telling me something was wrong. An uneasy, vulnerable, discouraged type of feeling. It passed after about an hour, but those moments nearly always bring me to a standstill, and this one was pretty strong. I began making up my to-do list for the summer. Jotted down some ideas of things I wanted to do or improve on in myself. Started making a list of goals for my photography this summer. That’s about it.

Ah I just realized I never posted a photo of Rhianna’s awesome baby shower cake that a friend of the family made for her. It was a 3-milk cake, a type of cake that is popular in Mexico. Quite unique and delicious. And the decorations were adorable. (:

The circle of life. It’s a beautiful and scary thing.



One comment on “My Tuesday, in a nutshell

  1. liz says:

    some days are just regular days, huh? sounds fun with the circus, though. gosh. i haven’t been to the circus in forever. i love these kind of posts, heather. random, just thoughts. and a little glimpse of your day. :)

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