Laid-back Saturday

Our section of the United States was under a severe weather alert, with possible tornadoes, all last night and all day today. Now it is reduced to a severe thunderstorm watch, including chance of hail, for the rest of the night. But people weren’t taking chances. The restaurant was dead today, so it was a very easy and laid-back shift. Unfortunately, the saying rings true: “They pay to see sweat.” I didn’t sweat – physically or mentally – today, so you figure out the rest. :P I guess we win some and we lose some. At least I wasn’t stressed out or in a crabby mood today. (: In fact, it was one of the best Saturdays I’ve had at my job in a looooooooong time.

For some reason, my photography skills (and discipline, it seems) took a nose dive this week. I transferred my photos from my camera, and when I looked at them, I wanted to cry. A few turned out good (and not going to lie, they were mainly ones of Jayde) but I deleted about half of what I took. Now before you tell me that that is what most photographers do (which I’m not sure is true or not, the professional ones anyway), the reason I deleted them were because the focus was off and my settings were way off. See, I have this habit of shooting wide open everywhere, which makes getting the right spot on focus extremely hard, and forces you to jack up your shutter speed. Gah. Again, I guess we win some and we lose some. This just makes me want to try harder to improve, and get it right the next time! I need to put my nifty fifty away for a while, honestly. I’m addicted to that lens. :P

Also, I kind of failed on the April Photo-A-Day Challenge this week as well. :P I missed the 9th, 10th, and 13th. And wasn’t really happy with the ones I did take (imagine that). Either way… here they are!

4/7 shadow
My shadow and my sister’s, in the cemetery.

4/8 inside your wallet
I don’t carry a wallet, not during the school year anyway. So technically my wallet is empty. Here is a picture of what I do carry around, attached to my keys, to carry my cards, I.D., etc.

4/11 where you ate breakfast
The kitchen table, where I had my morning coffee.

4/12 stairs
Our dirty stairs going upstairs and down to the landing. This is what having 4 dogs and lots and lots of kids tramp through the house will do to your carpet. (:

4/14 how you feel today
I took this when I woke up, obviously. My pillow always looks so soft and inviting when I can’t lay my head on it.

And here is week 14 & 15 for the 20 week photo challenge. I didn’t realize I didn’t post last week’s.

Week 14: sunset

Week 15: your shoes

Enough pictures for today.


Hope everyone had a good Saturday!



2 comments on “Laid-back Saturday

  1. Snigdha says:

    I love these photos, Heather. You sure do have a talent! :D

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