I might have been half asleep when I wrote that post last night. When I re-read it just now, it seemed very out of order. Seriously. Oh well, at least someone liked it. (:

I am blogging right now because I’m trying to put off writing my philosophy paper that is due Friday. You can say “It’s only Tuesday, you have all week!” But I’ve noticed that this semester I’ve been seeing deadlines for my big assignments in the style of: It’s Tuesday, which is one day closer to Wednesday, which is one day closer to Thursday, which is right before Friday, when it’s gotta be done!” The new view isn’t bothering me, it has actually helped me procrastinate less – even if only by a few days – but it is bothersome in the way that the assignments in question try and shove themselves down my throat. Case in point: this 10 page philosophy paper over the supreme emergency conditions. *sigh*


Tracie Louise Photography did a post today about the power of animals. It is short. It is sweet. And it is so very true! Amber did a post back in January about what fascinates her. At the end of it, she asked her readers what fascinates them. I haven’t answered that in a post yet, but I’ve thought a lot about it. My fascination, although perhaps a broad topic, is dogs. Those amazing creatures that are the epitome of love, of patience, of forgiveness, of play, of heart, of intelligence, of beauty, of everything good that humans strive every day to reach, have, and be – dogs have it all, naturally and easily, without flaw.

The love a dog’s eyes holds is boundless. The forgiveness they hand out, day after day, moment after cruel human moment, is immediate and without condition. I believe it is the biggest insult you could give a dog, to call him a “furry little human”, (although I will admit I am guilty of calling Jayde my furkid) because humans are so flawed and cruel that there is no comparison with a dog’s nature. It also baffles me why people describe serial killers and the like as ‘animals’ because that is no comparison either – just flip to Animal Planet on your TV and see.

Meet Kay, a beautiful girl at the Humane Society.

When I first bent down to feed Kay some bits of food through her chain-link fence, I saw a dog who wanted some love, just like all the other dogs in the shelter. But there was something else, a light in her eyes that caught me and held me to her. There was something about her that kept me going back. The next day I went back and took her out of the cage. I found myself with a dog who loved to play, who happily tugged and chased toys, always bringing the toy back with a big smile on her face. She was excited to be out and getting attention, yet calm, and very smart. I went back today, and took her out again. She soaked up every second of loving that I gave her.

Kay is just one example of the strength of a dog’s love and joy for life. She was adopted and then brought back 5 days later. Yet there wasn’t an ounce of resentment in her eyes and definitely not in her actions. Dogs live in the present moment, leaning into a comforting hand when it’s there, and giving a well-time lick to any face that gets close enough. That is only the very slight start of why these amazing animals fascinate me, every waking moment of each and every day.

They say God is a symbol of love. Then surely, I think, he must be a dog.

What fascinates you?



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