Happy Easter fellow bloggers!


My two gorgeous nieces in their Easter dresses. (:


 Even though I had to work this morning, it was a wonderful day. Though we were slow, I made good money, got out early, and had time to hang out with Jayde and take a shower. Tomorrow Dustin and I are getting up bright and early – 7:15am! – to pick up his nephews who are going to spend the day with us, hanging out. They’re cool dudes so it’ll be fun. (:

Speaking of nephews… here’s a sneak peek. (: [I am my biggest critic, so of course I have been super hard on myself while editing these.] So what do you think? Be brutally honest, I want to learn. (:

I have nothing else to say so I’ll end with my two baby dolls. They are the two most beautiful things in the world to me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! And here’s to a good week! (Regardless of the fact that classes resume on Tuesday and I have a 10pg paper due Friday that I have yet to start.) (:



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