Quick overview of this awesome day

Lots of photos coming soon! (:

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and so stayed up until 4:30am. Yes, 4:30 in the morning. Without Ashley, Amber, OR Dustin around! Just little ‘ol me, sitting in the living room watching Criminal Minds, no laptop, book, nothing else around. It was a good time, but would have been better if I hadn’t had to get up at 8:30am. I guess I didn’t really have to if my two wonderful nieces hadn’t decided to charge into my room and jump on my bed. Regardless, I got up and at ’em, did my hair, got dressed (new yoga pants from the sis, woo woo) and waited for Rhianna (my oldest sister I mentioned in yesterday’s post) to get up and ready.

Then we got down to the picture-taking. What a good time that was. I have *lots* to learn but I’m super eager to do it again! This session helped me realize what I need to work on, mainly smoothness and having ideas in mind so there’s not so much standing around. The technical aspects will come with time, I just need to work hard on them. I haven’t transferred the photos yet, but I’m crossing my fingers that my favorites look as good on my Mac’s screen as they do on my Canon screen. (Unfortunately it was too windy and chilly to take any pictures outside so the backdrop I used – while good for some photos – was rather blah in some.)

After that I had lunch with Dustin. The Pita Pit. Yes, again. Nom nom. When you get the chance, stuff your face in that place. You won’t regret it. Then we went to the Humane Society. I didn’t post that yesterday, but we went yesterday as well. There was a dog there that caught my eye and I wanted to go back and see her. That deserves it’s own post so maybe another time I’ll say more. The main thing I have to say about that is GO TO YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER AND SAVE A LIFE!!! 

We got back home in time for the baby shower that included a super cute and unique cake. Rhianna got lots of needed baby things. Then I had a blast from the past… kind of. Rhianna, Dallas (my bro-in-law), and I traveled the 45 minutes to Kandis’s (my biological mom) and Grandma Glennis’s (my biological grandma) graves. That was… an experience. I haven’t been there in a looooooong time, and we traveled through the town where my grandma used to live, and where Rhianna and my bio mom & dad lived before Kaylinn and I were born. It was so crazii seeing this little town, with fractured memories of being in my grandma’s trailer, thinking about the times I shared with Grandma, and also thinking of how little I know about my past and ancestry. It was fascinating, yet saddening at the same time. If I could go back in time….

When we got home, we went to dinner with Mom and Dad (Five Guys – yum!) and then when we got home I took Jayde outside, and my camera, and threw the ball around. Something clicked in my head while I was snapping away – I suddenly understood how to take relatively decent back-lit photos. Or kinda sorta anyway. I was pleased with the results I got.

And now here I am, blogging away. I have to load songs onto Rhianna’s iPod for her, clean off my old Mac (it’s geting sold! yayy!!),  and then maybe transfer all my photos over and begin the editing process. I can’t wait. (: Today has been full of family, history, photos, and togetherness. And I’ve loved every second. My only regret is that it must end.

Peace, and Happy Easter. (: 


2 comments on “Quick overview of this awesome day

  1. liz says:

    Heather, it sounds like you had a beautiful, wonderful day. Thank you do much for sharing little tidbits of your life… who you are, what you’ve experienced. It is so cool to be able to get to know you a tiny bit better, even if it’s through blogging. Thanks for being open, inspiring, and for being you! Happy Easter!

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