It’s not too late to make a new beginning

Guess what I did today?

Yup. I got some ME time. (:

And it was quite relaxing,
& refreshing.

I’m actually having some time to myself right now, too.

Just thinking about… stuff.

The past hour or so has been dedicated to thinking about my photography. I know I want to take it to the next level: I want to start taking pictures of people, anybody, to get experience and practice in. The obstacle that stands is, “Where do I start?” Now, I know that might sound like a stupid question, but you must understand something about me: I’m one that goes by the book, each ingredient in the recipe followed precisely and religiously. That doesn’t work for real life, and I’m doing my best to get away from my step-by-step process thinking, and just do it. But it’s a hard habit to overcome (like biting my nails).

I posted this article recently in a different post but I think it is worth posting again. I’m not very consistent. I’m a procrastinator. But most of all I want to do things right. And my fear of doing something wrong is what keeps me from starting something in the first place, like my photography. This is a personal battle, and one that I’m going to start fighting right now. I want to stop being afraid of being wrong. I need to be easier on myself when I do something wrong, and I need to learn from it!

“It’s your life. Are you who you always said you would be?”



3 comments on “It’s not too late to make a new beginning

  1. ashley says:

    WHAT? You had alone time? Are you sure?
    That’s awesome.

  2. liz says:

    Just jump in & start!! I think your photographs are stunning! Love your perspectives. :)

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