I love my crazii beautiful life (:

Week 13: silhouette
I didn’t really give this one much of a chance, unfortunately. So I’m not sure if this is a silhouette, but it is very pretty. I do want to try my hand at silhouette shots though…. someday. (:


What a fantastic day. I’m pretty sure I have the best & coolest friends and boyfriend ever. (: I am very blessed, and extremely thankful that they are in my life. Red Robin (yummm!) last night with Ashley was a blast, and was made even better by the surprise of being joined by Jed and Madison, two fellow commuters from school. After that we came back to my house and watched a movie called Possession. [Found it in the horror section –> it was an extremely bad love story with some sort of suspense built in, no horror or scary moments whatsoever. Lame sauce.] It was fun hanging out with them for a while though, and Ashley got me season 5 of Criminal Minds, which completes my collection woooo! (:

Today I had a relaxing morning with Kaylinn and Haylie hanging out, studied some, but mostly enjoyed the weather. 90 degrees on April 1st in the midwest – I think so. (: Kaylinn and Haylie got my new floor mats for my car (really needed those!), some chocolate and beef jerky, and car fresheners. (And she got me some glass cleaner wipes because I always mention the nose marks from the furkids.)  Then when Dustin got off we tried a new recipe, a Hawaiian chicken k-bob with teriyaki rice (I completely forgot to get pictures) which turned out to be delicious. It also sparked my interest in trying new recipes. Though I’m not much into cooking, I had fun doing this. I took some pictures of some trees on the edge of the cemetery behind our house (and couldn’t do their beauty justice) and now relaxing again.

Such. An. Awesome Weekend. (:


Being 21 doesn’t feel any different than being 20. And no, I’m not hungover like most people on their 21st birthday. Not my thing. The first thing I drank at midnight was a Pepsi. I gave up soda and Facebook for the month of March, and made it through (surprisingly) fine. The pop thing was a fantastic idea, and I hope it broke me of my habit of chugging pop both at work and at home. Facebook wasn’t much of a miss – I found myself on WordPress a lot more. I missed seeing other photographers’ work and talking to some people, as well as posting my own photos but I think it did take away a lot of negative energy  from my life, and I think I’m going to try and stay away from it.

My year of being 20 began in the hospital last year with a ruptured appendix. When I was released, the first half of my summer was filled with catching up in all my classes. The second half was filled with a canoeing trip with my Colorado family, a Boji trip with my two bestest friends ever, and more work. School started up again and life went on.

Life is good. (: I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


2 comments on “I love my crazii beautiful life (:

  1. nbdetmers says:

    I love all of the photos! awesome post too :)

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