Last day of March!!!

That means…..

The last March Photo-A-Day photos!

3/28 trash
What an odd theme. After I snapped this, I found it ironic that the color white is generally associated with cleanliness.

3/29 feet
My new orthopedic flip flops. To help support the arch in my foot. They’re pretty awesome.

3/30 toy
My niece got a rocking horse for Christmas. I thought it looked kind of rustic in black and white.

3/31 where you relax
My fluffy green chair by the window. When there are no clothes, bags, purses, etc. on it, anyway.

Can’t wait to start the April challenge now!


"A tired dog is a happy dog."


(Must I express how excited I am to have a soda tomorrow?! :D)


One comment on “Last day of March!!!

  1. Amber says:

    And even more excited for your birthday!!!!!! :D

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