You’re like a shot of pure gold

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I don’t really have much to say. I feel like posting pictures, not getting any thoughts out of my head. So here are more March photos. I’ll post the last set on Sunday (my 21st bday! (: )

3/24 animal
I’m always posting picture of my four-legged kids, so I changed it up for this one.
Meet Lucky, our rescue cockatiel! We found him in a soccer net, extremely malnourished, close to death, and very distrustful toward people. Not anymore. He’s a good boy. (:

3/25 breakfast
As I was eating my cheerios, I randomly decided to check my theme for the day. Good thing I did.

3/26 key

3/27 your name
I came home from work the other night and found this note on my desk. It was from a girl I grew up with and was very close to. Now we never see each other. I miss her dearly, and I wonder if she knows how much this little note means to me.



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