Happy 5th Birthday Haylie! (:

Today was my niece’s 5th birthday. I can’t believe she’s going to kindergarten next year! Brings back random memories of my kindergarten career, like the time I smashed my finger in the heavy closet doors and was sent home, where I snuggled with Mom and Dad came home from work to make me feel better. (Maybe that’s not the best memory of my first year of school, but it is my most vivid one. :P)

All my pictures of her party are on my camera, and I’m too lazy to transfer them over tonight. For now, here are some March Photo-A-Day pics. I’ll put the other ones on later this week.

3/19 funny
I was at first stumped at how I was going to find something ‘funny’ to photograph. Of course, my dogs came through and showed me some humor. They never fail me. (: (And if this picture doesn’t make you laugh, there must be something wrong with you. I don’t think it’ll ever get old to me.)

3/20 before & after
Peanut butter pie Dustin made to share with his mama.

3/21 delicious
Jimmy Johns never fails either. #4 with cheese (:

3/22 kitchen sink
Dirty dishes and all. We had just made a mocha shake that was so nom.

3/23 moon
((I missed this one, unfortunately.))

I’ll have plenty of pictures from Haylie’s party, and maybe have more to say tomorrow and the next day (hopefully). For now, I’m tired and aching so I’m going to say…



2 comments on “Happy 5th Birthday Haylie! (:

  1. liz says:

    the pic of your dog is adorably funny! such a good picture. you are really talented. :) looking forward to party pics & happy birthday to your niece!

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