Clouds are like a whole different world in the sky.

The clouds today were even more beautiful than those from a couple days ago. Sadly this is the only shot I got, with my iPod and wonderful Instagram. Magnificent. (:

Ashley posted some questions for another tag game, but instead of answering them all in one I think I’m just going to use them as writing prompts for when I have nothing to say/share – like today.

((Random piece of information: I feel like I’ve drank more water today than I have all week.))

What is one thing people mistakenly assume about you? That I am quiet. Let’s get this straight peeps: I am an introvert but I’m not quiet and I’m not very shy either. Usually it goes if I know you and I like you then I’ll talk and joke with you on a normal basis. If I know you but don’t care for you I’ll ignore you. If I don’t know you, I’ll ignore you. And like any introvert, I’m not much into contributing to a conversation if I have nothing substantial (or seemingly substantial) to say. That’s why I dislike being put on the spot and ‘forced’ to answer something, like professors do in class sometimes.

Update on staying off of Facebook and not drinking soda: The one thing that annoyed me about Facebook was the shallow form of entertainment it provided. Whenever I was bored I would click on Facebook and browse through the status updates and new photos posted. I didn’t really pay much attention to the drama-lovers that updated their status 50 times a day about their boyfriend/girlfriend, or things that I really didn’t care about – I actually disconnected with the majority of those. My main focus on Facebook is/was seeing other photographers’ work and posting my own photos for others to share. So when I get back on it I’m hoping it won’t be as big of a default “bored button” of sorts as it was before I gave it up.

As for the soda/pop deal, I’ve had some serious cravings for a Coke. Which is interesting because I’m a Pepsi girl. Maybe because the Roadhouse serves Coke products and I am exposed to it almost on a daily basis that I want it more than Pepsi right now. However I haven’t given in and, even though I don’t really see any differences right now, I know it is a lot healthier. I’ve been drinking a ton more water (and, sadly, more coffee as well – darn you, Ash!), and I hope I can keep that up. I’m kind of scared to drink pop again, just because I fear that I might fall back into my old habits of having a can or two (or more) every day.

Aaahhhh but it’s been a very fun challenge, and we – as in Dustin and I – are thinking about giving something else up for next month. Giving up another bad habit or maybe even starting a new, good habit. Ideas, ideas. (:


Parker sitting on my lap while I was doing homework a couple weeks ago. Such a handsome feller.

That is all. (: Peace.


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