Happy Hump Day!

(For lack of a better title.)

I woke up today with the feeling/sense of dread that I had managed to shed over the weekend. Like the black cloud had returned after the short respite and had decided to haunt me once more. I managed to shove it away for the most part – my sense of peace (however false or forced it may have been) that  I enjoyed Monday and Tuesday were too short for my liking. Country music was again my release.

This song really gets me. I don’t think it’s really the words but the tone, the beat, the feeling it gives me just to listen to it. Gives me the shivers.

Listen and enjoy. Tomorrow I’ll try to remember to post some pictures of the clouds that graced us yesterday afternoon. For now, here is a picture of the fog that blanketed us for a while last Thursday morning. It was some of the thickest fog I’ve seen in a while. So surreal. (Rant: and to think some idiots were driving without headlights, so you didn’t seem them until you were on top of them or vice versa!)


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